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In 2004, Martine Wester led a local British designer team to create a eponymous brand, designing mid- to high-end jewelry for women pursuing fashion taste. At the first trade fair in September of that year, it was the "Top Drawer" in London.


The brand entered the international market in 2006 and exhibited at the "Premiere Classe" in Paris. In the United Kingdom, there were nearly 500 boutiques selling Martin Wester products in two years.

All over the world

Martine Wester entered China in 2009 and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, The Mall in Taiwan China, Harvey Nichol in Hongkong China, the United States and Japan are equipped with counters of Martine Wester.

Online Shopping

Online sales started in 2015, more and more people know about Martine Wester.

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我們富有創意的設計團隊致力於收集每個季節的趨勢,尋找時裝設計師和名人偶像以尋求靈感。 我們僅使用產品中最優質的組件(例如施華洛世奇水晶和淡水珍珠)來打造迷人的外觀。 我們所有的珠寶都完全不含鎳,並且不會引起過敏,因此即使是皮膚敏感的人也可以使用。

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Swarovski Crystal Element Brand


CRYSTALLIZED™-施華洛世奇元素是由施華洛世奇創立的世界上最高質量的切工晶體元素成分品牌。這些晶體元素具有多種變體,具有不同的色彩效果以及不同的形狀和大小,可為使用該晶體的任何產品賦予迷人的光彩。 使用施華洛世奇元素的帶有CRYSTALLIZED™品牌標籤或品牌描述的產品表示此產品上...

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