Swarovski Crystal Element Brand

CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements is the world's highest quality cut crystal element ingredient brand created by Swarovski. These crystal elements come in many varieties, with varying color effects and diverse shapes and sizes, giving a glamorous sparkle to any product that uses it.


Products with CRYSTALLIZED™-brand tags or brand descriptions using Swarovski elements represent 100% CRYSTALLIZED™ -Swarovski elements on this product. Martine Wester is the brand of choice for CRYSTALLIZED™. Martine wester attaches the CRYSTALLIZED™-brand label or brand description using Swarovski elements to the product to indicate that the product uses 100% CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski elements.

We have an ongoing collaboration with Swarovski, who now stock our designs in their Swarovski CRYSTALLISED stores worldwide, including their New York, London and Shanghai branches.  Our Simply Crystal range made with Swarovski CRYSTALLISED elements are made for special occasions and moments made to sparkle.

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